Escape From the Wardrobe

The work I am proudest of is called Escape from the Wardrobe.  It is intended to be the eight chronicle of Narnia.  I wrote it as my senior thesis in college.  Every now and then, I will add a new chapter.  Click the link below to read chapter 1.


 From the 


book 8 in the Chronicles of Narnia

a fairy tale for those who never had one

written by William T. Basinger II

based on the books by C.S. Lewis


Chapter 1 - Susan and the Wardrobe 

Chapter 2 - The Wardrobe's New Home

Chapter 3 - Return to Narnia

Chapter 4 - David Tells Susan a Story

My stuff, my copyright (well, the writing and pics of me anyways).  Respect.  Comments and Questions?