What's New Oct. 1, 2007

*As you can see from the main page, I am going to start letting people know when I updated the site so you  can easily see from that page.

*New Video Blog, Not one, but two (first one is three parts and second one is four parts)  WHEEEEEE.  I have made some of the older ones into the link from YouTube so I can save space here and bring you tons of goodies.

*Updated the Television Section for all the shows we are watching and the new ones returning and coming out at the end of this month.  I AM A SLAVE TO TELEVISION and I love it.  I have also created a new section here for the shows I love that are either no longer on or are on hiatus themselves.

*New Section called “The Yellow Tape” in the Filmmaker section.  Check it out for some fun promotion of the theater group I work with on musicals.

*You know me, I always add new hot guys.  This time is no different.

*New movie in the Movies section under Romance.  OMG this one was unexpectedly really good.

*I finally reviewed the new Halloween remake/re-imagining.

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