What's New Aug. 28, 2007

I have a new video blog and boy is it long.  LOL.

I have added some new boy pics to the Hot Men section.

There are some new Madonna pictures you should check out.  Two of them I know are photoshopped (but I liked them) and one might be new press for her new album, but who knows.

There are interesting rumors flying around about Madonna.  Check them out in the Madonna news section.

I have added the final sketch I did for the sketch comedy troupe The Manfools.  It is my best work I think.  I really need to make more sketches on my own I think. I actually have one about ProudJedi.  Maybe I will make it one of these days.

New movie review in the new Drama section of movies.

Also, some new writings in the Writings section of two short stories I wrote in college.  Along with a new section called Time Capsule with an old journal entry in it.  Gossip from college.  Woooooo.

My stuff, my copyright (well, the writing and pics of me anyways).  Respect.  Comments and Questions?  proudjedi@jedi-council.com