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What's New Oct. 1, 2007

*As you can see from the main page, I am going to start letting people know when I updated the site so you  can easily see from that page.

*New Video Blog, Not one, but two (first one is three parts and second one is four parts)  WHEEEEEE.  I have made some of the older ones into the link from YouTube so I can save space here and bring you tons of goodies.

*Updated the Television Section for all the shows we are watching and the new ones returning and coming out at the end of this month.  I AM A SLAVE TO TELEVISION and I love it.  I have also created a new section here for the shows I love that are either no longer on or are on hiatus themselves.

*New Section called “The Yellow Tape” in the Filmmaker section.  Check it out for some fun promotion of the theater group I work with on musicals.

*You know me, I always add new hot guys.  This time is no different.

*New movie in the Movies section under Romance.  OMG this one was unexpectedly really good.

*I finally reviewed the new Halloween remake/re-imagining.

What's New Sept. 3, 2007

There is a new Video Blog in response to some ignorant ass posting on my YouTube (since all the blogs here are also posted there).

There is a new pic in Hot Guys

And a new Chapter of my 8th Chronicle of Narnia: Escape from the Wardrobe

What's New Aug. 28, 2007

I have a new video blog and boy is it long.  LOL.

I have added some new boy pics to the Hot Men section.

There are some new Madonna pictures you should check out.  Two of them I know are photoshopped (but I liked them) and one might be new press for her new album, but who knows.

There are interesting rumors flying around about Madonna.  Check them out in the Madonna news section.

I have added the final sketch I did for the sketch comedy troupe The Manfools.  It is my best work I think.  I really need to make more sketches on my own I think. I actually have one about ProudJedi.  Maybe I will make it one of these days.

New movie review in the new Drama section of movies.

Also, some new writings in the Writings section of two short stories I wrote in college.  Along with a new section called Time Capsule with an old journal entry in it.  Gossip from college.  Woooooo.

What's New Aug. 7, 2007

Updated the What’s Next in the Madonna section.  WHEEEE.

New Video Blog.  Short one too.

What's New Aug. 6, 2007

A new video blog.  And I find it interesting.  I thought I might have had some gay backlash from something I posted.  Watch it and see if I did.  And you also have to ask yourself what would make one always on guard about something as simple as their sexuality.

What's New Aug. 4, 2007

I made a four part video blog yesterday that is now up.  And then I made a short one today as a sort of UPDATE to the excitement of yesterday’s blog.

I also allowed for comments directly into the video blog space so if you watch one, comment on it.

I also added some new hot guy pics to that section.  Lovely.

And the new Halloween remake prequel thingy is in the Horror section.

What's New July 27, 2007

I added a section to my General Movies for Comic Book movies.  I have posted three sites in this section that are Warner Brothers very interesting and fun way of promoting the new Batman movie “The Dark Knight”.  

I also added a new section to Movies for Fantasy films with updated pics of what Atreyu from The Neverending Story looks like now.

I updated the Sci Fi  section of my Movies. (which includes a sexy Ed Harris appreciation page)

Another new video blog in three acts.

The next chapter in my novel “Escape from the Wardrobe:  The Eighth Chronicle of Narnia”

I added a few movies to the overrated section in Movies as well as well as a special announcement about the new Indiana Jones’ film.  YAY

There is also an update in the Star Wars section to the comic book section.  Not much, but a new cool pic and some new links.

I added a photo album of hot heroes in the Comic book section.

And a brand spankin’ new regular old written blog.

It's a work in progress, so I hope you are enjoying it.

What's New July 24, 2007

New Hot Guy Pics.

I updated the Movies section to add a new section for Romantic films.  And there are two films in there.  One I saw recently and one that is an all time fave for those cuddle nights.

There is a new Political Blog where I rant some more.

Added another sketch I did while with the ManFools (that gay sketch comedy troupe I was in a few years back) in the Filmmaker section

And there is a new video blog.

As always, Enjoy!!!!!!

What's New July 16, 2007

Well, let’s see.  I have a four part Video Blog I just added, which gets the award for longest and most boring video blog EVER.  LOL.  But I added some comments via subtitles in the video blog that may amuse you.  I make fun of me.  WHEEEE.

I also added a new set of clips to the Filmaker section.  It’s a sketch I wrote and directed for a sketch comedy troupe I was in (just like the other one that is posted) except I am in this one, and it’s called “Bathroom Scopin”.  So you can enjoy that.

What's New July 10, 2007

So I added a Live Performance section to the Madonna section with clips and reviews of some recent live stuff.  I added some of my “filmwork” for your viewing pleasure.  I added a written blog.  I also added a movie section "Gay Film" and a review of a movie I just saw that I think you will like (which is also referenced in my blog) Thanks for taking a gander.  If you do, leave a comment if you desire.

What’s New July 7, 2007

Just added a very interesting clip and commentary by on the clip in my Politics section, there is a new Video Blog with my baby.  I also added the next chapter of the story “Escape from the Wardrobe” in the writings section.

What's New July 6, 2007

I just added a review and political statement for the movie An Inconvenient Truth.  Check it out.

I have also updated the "What's Next Section" of the Madonna pages as we now know what the songs will be for her set list for Live Earth.

What's New July 3, 2007

Added a Musical section to my Movies tab and a new video blog.

What's New June 29, 2007

So all the links should be working.  Some pages may not have all the content they need as of yet, but everything has a place and a little sometin sometin that I had to say.

There are a couple of new video blogs and on some pages, you can even leave me comments.

Songs are in the music section as well as a couple of music videos.

There are probably other things I am forgetting, but if you dig around, you can find it all and experience all the wonder that is me.  Even tho I’m nothing important, I do think I’m kinda special.

My stuff, my copyright (well, the writing and pics of me anyways).  Respect.  Comments and Questions?  proudjedi@jedi-council.com