The greatest Horror Trilogy of all time.  From the first shocking scene of the first movie, even tho I was told how it would end before I saw it, I still hoped she would survive.  That was how it was for me watching every single scene of every single on of these films.  Kevin Williamson got it right.  You had to care about the characters for you to fear for their lives.  They also had to have some fighting chance and actually get to fight back in many scenes, which adds to that hope.

Then you add in a mystery for each film as to who is the killer, and movie magic is made.

Each movie played on the notions and stereotypes of the "part" they were.  One was all based on the general rules of horror movies.  Two was based on the general rules of sequels.  And Three was based on the general rules of trilogies (as it is pointed out that the two sequels were ruffly planned from the beginning and was always intended to go the way it went).

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