Bionic Woman

Old story, new special effects.  The pilot was really good.  Shocking and bitchy.  This time around, we have a Bionic Woman whose official nemesis is the First Bionic Woman who the government tried to kill but is back.  This leads to fabulous bitch fights and snarky comments.  Enjoyed it much.  I don't remember much about the original except for Miss Lindsay Wagner and the cheesy sounds when she would jump.  I think it is gonna be a fun romp through old territory with new upgrades.

Dirty Sexy Money

Wasn't sure about this show before I saw it.  Saw it.  Loved it.  It fills the void Melrose Place left in my soul.  Great cast.  Pretty people with money and drama in a dysfunctional family.  Might be Brothers & Sisters on Melrose Place. And I love me some Melrose Place.  So deliciously enjoyable, cannot wait for the next episode.

Hotel Babylon

Another gem from BBC America.  Hotel staff and what they do to make sure your stay is a pleasant one.  An ensemble cast of fantastic characters (except for the black gay guy who gets almost no screen time).  Let's hope that changes soon, but the show is full of glitz and glamour (and has had some guest spots from Vince in UKs Queer as Folk and Chardonney from Footballer's Wives).

Pushing Daisies

It comes on this week.  Interesting premise.  Guy has the power to bring things (or people mostly) back to life with a touch.  I figure he touches his dead girlfirend, but can not ever touch her again, because the second touch puts them back dead.  So he revives people to solve crimes and then makes them dead again.  By the creator of "Dead Like Me" which looked cute, but I never watched that.  Well, we will be checking this one out.  So many shows.  So little time.

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