Ugly Betty

This has to be the gayest show on television without having a gay leading character (who will be the greatest tv fag hag since Sharon Gless as Deb on the US version of Queer as Folk).  Fashion, hot men, Vanessa Williams and a cast of ensemble characters, this show keeps me rolling with laughter in the floor.  The lead, America Ferrara, is so awesome, I just love her, and hope that Betty stays Ugly Beautiful forever.

The Office

This show started out odd for me.  I almost didn't keep watching it, but this ensemble cast is amazing.  It was like when I read Dilbert for the first time.  I didn't get it.  Then I worked in an office, and realized it was funny cuz it was true.  This show is a bit more than I have ever had to deal with in an office, but the horrible things the boss says to people either make me embarrassed or roaring with laughter cuz you know people like that are out there.


The Male Charmed.  Now its the power of two, and two hotties they are.  The next season isn't out yet, but I am waiting on it.  I love their adventures into the ghostly realms of reality and how they deal with it.  It also doesn't help that I keep begging my tv to make them take their shirts off.  Dean and Sam, lovin ya.


I have resisted watching most of this show.  I watched a little in the beginning and was not impressed (and actually HATED how they changed the background of Superman like having Lex in Smallville and such).  But they keep bringing in other DC characters like Aquaman and Green Arrow and Cyborg (love me some Titans) and Impulse (another Titan).  And this season they are bringing in Supergirl.  So I guess we might start watching it this season, and then catch up on all the old stuff.

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