Desperate Housewives

This show rocked my world its first season.  Then it felt like they got a little full of themselves and made it a ridiculous soap opera, but the third season was better then the second, but not as good as the first.  I'm a whore for television, and once I have started, it has to be REALLY bad for me to stop until it gets cancelled or they just stop making them.  I have high hopes for Season Four.  Eddie hung herself.  I wonder if she will be dead?  Gabby got married (or was in the process of it).  Bre came back and is pretending to be preggers cuz its really her daughters.  I want more of her hot son's gay escapades (is that wrong?)  Susan and Mike got married. I wonder how long that happiness will last?  Where is the cute boy toy that Bre's son played with in the first season?  And I love me some Lynette tho.  Her storylines are so interesting.  So this one hasn't actually started yet this season.  Just have to wait till this coming Sunday.  Click here for a little photo album of hottie mchottie pics I found of hotties from the show.

Brothers & Sisters

I LOVE THIS SHOW.  I am more excited about its coming back than I am for Desperate Housewives.  This dysfunctional family is NUTS.  Sally Field rocks as the matron of the family.  Cute gay lawyer son (actor is strait and Scottish or Irish.  I heard him speak in his native accent on an interview and he really does an American accent well).  He gets lots of screen time, so I love that.  Then the other two boys.  Balthazaar Getty from Lord of the Flies and Natural Born Killers ("Next time don't be so fucking eager") is awesome as is the other younger brother who is possibly going back to war.  Then there are the two daughters.  Calista Flockhart (loving me the return of Alley McBeal) and Rachel Griffiths (another with an accent that covers it so well, I forgot she was Australian)  And the twists and turns this family endures is soap opera-ey, but the human interaction seems to be extremely real and fraught with equal amounts of drama and humor.


Ok, this show is based on a series of books about a serial killer who kills other serial killers.  It is an extremely interesting concept.  You have this guy, Dexter, who at an early age, his adoptive father realizes that his son has the tendencies of a murderous serial killer and actually helps him to take his desires which cannot be stopped and direct them in as helpful a manner as possible.  So Dexter now works for the police as a crime scene forensics (maybe) person where his adoptive sister is a cop.  And on his "downtime", he kills local serial killers.  Of course, the cops don't know what he does, and sometimes they try and find the person who killed the serial killers, but as of yet, they haven't.  He also tries to have a normal life and has a girlfriend with kids who he is very kind to (but his voice overs show that he is pretending all of this because he has no concept of true love).  The interesting paradox is that as the viewer, you feel for him.  You get nervous when the cops get close to catching him.  But he is a Serial Killer.  So you have sympathy for a Serial Killer.  And then you have this cop (hot black man) who can sense the Dexter is a bit off in the head.  But he is set up as a character that you almost don't like.  Cuz he gives Dexter so much shit.  And since you have sympathy for Dexter, you almost  hate this character, but then you remind yourself that he is actually right in his feelings towards Dexter.  So you have major role reversals in who you are rooting for, even tho morally, it should be the other way around.  Or should it?  Dexter's sister is kinda  a whiny annoying biotch in the show (and being a cop, I guess one would simply expect her to not be like a big child all the time pouting and shit) but a friend of mine pointed out that maybe it is because the show is from Dexter's point of view, and that is simply how he views his adoptive sister.  Which makes sense, but I hope she gets a bit more spine in the next sesaon.

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