Its a Spin off of Dr. Who on BBC America.  This one stars a hot gay actor who might be playing a lead gay character.  Loving that.  We watched the first two episodes and they move quickly, have great humor and hot people in them.  This one guy who works for "Torchwood" (which is a super classified government group that hunts aliens) had some alien phermone spray and used it to get a girl, and then her boyfriend showed up, and he sprayed it again, and the guy kissed him, and he went home with both of them.  Russell T Davies (I believe he did the UK QAF) is at the helm, so looking forward to a gay sci fi show.  Needed for so long.  Click here for a gallery of the hot lead and cast photos.

Graham Norton

"Graham Norton" on BBC America.  He's gay, he's cheeky, he asks the questions we really want to hear.  He wants Madonna on his show.  I would just love to see that.  But Graham, one word of advice, no other guests if she agrees.

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