Starring the snobby punk from Less Than Perfect (a great show that didn't get its due), Zachary Levi (so cute) stars in this sci fi comedy hour show about a "Nerd Herd" (think Geek Squad) computer fixer who accidentally gets all the governments secrets downloaded into his brain.  The first episode was kinda hit and miss.  It had its moments, but always remember, it is the pilot.  So we will give it a few more episodes to get going and see where it will take us.


This fantastic show is back for its second season.  These people really have their work cut out for them.  The first season was so phenomenal that they really have to work to stay on top.  The first episode was something I call an "intermediate".  They show you where people are after the psuedo cliffhanger from last season, and begin the story they will be dealing with this season.  Not much actually happens, so in that regard it was kinda slow, but I expect it to really pick up.  I just wished they hadn't separated everyone again.  Some people are still connected, however, so that should add interesting drama this season.  Can't wait for this wild ride.  We already have the introduction of a new hero with a Mexican woman who apparently can kill anyone in her vicinity, but we don't know how.  All we know is that they all ended up with dark blackish blood pouring from their eyes and maybe nose.

The Big Bang Theory

Starring Johnny Galecki from Roseanne (Darlene's "Clown Hair" David), this show is about a couple of geeky scientists in their thirties (I guess) who have a lovely girl move in across the hall (8 Simple Rules and Charmed's) Kaley Cuoco.  The show has some potential, but the first episode was a bit on the slow side.  But for Johnny (who is so precious and cute), I will give it a few more episodes to see if I will continue watching it. 


We almost didn't watch this show.  We pick up so many hour long shows, that TV tends to take over our life.  But still we do it.  This show was really great.  The first scene was kinda odd, but then it just picked up from there.  He started "travelling" to other times, and they built it in such a way that it was a mystery what was happening to him.  The ending (how he proved to his wife that he wasn't crazy by saying he was travelling through time) brought me to tears.  And the best part is the most interesting love triangle since Lois & Clarks between two people.  In this show, the lead character was originally gonna marry this woman Olivia or Livia.  She is dead.  And he ended up marrying his brothers girlfriend.  Then you find that Livia is alive and also part of the "time travelling" stuff.  Definitely worth and looksee if you haven't seen it yet.

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