Star Wars

Star Wars is the greatest movie series of all time.  Originals and Prequels.  All unbelievers stay away.  I watch the movies, read the books, buy the comics (and read those too, but needed a different verb), collect the toys and meet the stars.  Here is where I will talk about it all.

I have only one complaint about Star Wars (and no, its not Jar Jar) and that is the movie series has a strong theme of fighting prejudice and bigotry, however, no where in the Star Wars Universe is there a gay character.  Some say that Threepio and Artoo are a couple and that is possible it was Lucas' intention to have the homosexual represented in a way that people would not find offensive, however, I would prefer to have a real life character.  That is where I come in, Drake Obsidian, gay jedi and half brother to Mara Jade Skywalker.  Enjoy.

The Movies

The Books

The Comics

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