So What Can I Say?

So What Can I say?  I have lots of opinions about a large number of things.  One of them is politics.  Of course, I got really involved after coming out and trying to understand why the government does what it does even in the face of true freedom for this country.  I think the Rethuglicans have really screwed things up, and I fear the Democraps aren't doing much to fix it.  But then I realize they are the majority, but only a little majority and with dubbya vetoing everything, it then has to go back and get 2/3rds the vote, which we can't right now.  So I thought, why are they spending all this time trying to get stuff thru that they know won't get thru?  And then it hit me.  They are showing that they are attempting to change things for the better, and hopefully making everyone painfully aware of the crap this administration is doing to the country and this administrations inability to protect all citizens and do what is best for all involved.  This way, hopefully, come Nov of 2008, people will actually turn out in huge numbers and vote, get a liberal president in office who will not veto and that slim majority will actually be able to do whatever it wants to help this country.

With the war, we have reached a scary place in the global community where the majority of the world isn't very happy with us.  The general conservative response is "if it keeps us safe, I don't care who I piss off".  Well, if the entire rest of the world hates our guts, we cannot protect ourselves from the rest of them.  I think many things can be ruled by playground rules.  If you go into the playground with a bunch of other kids, and you pick a fight with a kid who just happens to live on the same street as the kid who actually punched you, and then you get mad at all your friends because they won't help you fight the kid who had nothing to do with the initial act, where does that leave you?  Without allies.  Without support.  Its a dangerous place to be, and hopefully, we can convince the rest of the world that a few of us who drug us into this mess do not represent the rest of us.  This administration played on our grief over 9/11.  They played on our fear that it would happen again.  They played the American populace for fools, and that alone should be enough to piss us all off, get us off our asses and change things.

I don't think Sadaam was a good man, but we consider him evil because he held people for no reason beyond his own paranoia or whim.  He tortured and killed people for the same reasons.  What is our administration doing?  Holding people for no reason, wire tapping phones illegally, refusing to give documents for review by one of the other branches of our government.  Commen sense says its corruption at its worst.

I do still fill fear, but because of how the American hubris has allowed us to think we can go anywhere and "kick your arse" if you look at us funny.  We have taught our citizens it is not ok to speak freely, even if people do not agree.  We have gladly (well, others have, I am not happy about it) our liberties in lieu of freedom.  For our country to be the great country I know it can be, we have to make sure we always do "What is Right".  That if the people of this country are mainly Christian, truly ask yourself, What Would Jesus Do?  Its amazing to me how people claim to be Christians, but refuse to by Christ-like.

If you cannot question your own ideals.  If you cannot question the norm.  Then you are already not free.  So to you I say what you say so often "Why don't you move out of the country?  This country is about freedom.  And if you dont' believe that.  YOU aren't a true patriot."

My stuff, my copyright (well, the writing and pics of me anyways).  Respect.  Comments and Questions?