It's a Horrible Nightmare We Cannot Wake From

The above clip was posted on Rosie O'Donnell's website ( 

Watching it brought out many emotions for me.  First, I felt fear.  Fear for the man in the clip.  Fear for Rosie.  And now fear for myself.  Why fear?  Maybe its a paranoia based on the neverending attempts to stifle descent by this current administration and the conservative media machine so intent on claiming that the Dixie Chicks aren't patriots and that Rosie O'Donnell called our troops terrorists (both wildly untrue, yet Americans were so eager to believe it)

Another feeling I get is of horror.  From the first moment I saw dubbya on the Late Show with David Letterman, I was appalled.  He seemed quite ignorant.  Like a goofy little hick and I wasn't a fan of his father either.  I thought after that interview, he for sure would never win a presidency.  I thought, surely everyone realizes we need someone with a sharp mind.  Not someone who speaks like an average American.  But that is what occurred.  For some reason, I feel the people of this nation (Florida is still in question, imo) felt a kinship with him.  He didn't speak intelligently.  He didn't make them feel stupid.  Well, if you ask me, I don't want a doctor as ignorant of surgical procedure as me, I want him smarter.  Somehow, we missed that in the past two elections.  The Rethuglican Party firmly expressed their "Religious Beliefs" even tho the majority of their actions in office have contradicted the very basis of Christianity.  But those who voted for them just needed someone to say, "Hey, I'm Christian" and they put an undying faith in Jesus Christ into men and women who are just as fallible as any of us.  Its not uncommon for the faith based population to do this, unfortunately.  Priests and Pastors and Preachers all around the nation are held as almost a demigod by their parishioners, who are horribly let down when they find that their "demigods" are fallible.  It's the horrible back and forth, but for some reason, this current president somehow is outside of that realm.  Somehow, I have been watching for the past 7 years in horror as one atrocity after another occurs under this administration, and yet, the evidence is not enough for the "faith based".  Many believe when he brought out his opposition to gay marriage is the end result.  That the population of this country can be so horrified with the notion, he gave them the ability to judge and not be judged.  He gave them a way to push their moral stance on the rest of the nation where "all men are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights".  I'm beginning to understand that the statements within the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution have an unwritten and unspoken line of "The above only applies if you believe as we do".

The next feeling I get is dread.  Dread that we will never recover from all of this.  Dread that the rest of the planet hates us and will never help us when we truly need it.  Not only do we look like the boy who cried wolf, but we look like the boy who cried wolf who then got a couple of our friends (while the rest said no) and ran into someone's house screaming and shooting that the wolf was in there.  Killing innocent lives just to prove that there was in fact a wolf.  I feel dread that this country has never been so divided since maybe the Civil War.  We do remember the Civil War right?  The battle over keeping slavery and not keeping it?  We look back at this now and for the most of us, slavery was horribly unChristian like and there was no reason to fight a war over it.  (And for those who state the Civil War was not fought over Slavery, but over economic reasons, guess what that means?  It means they would have to pay the people who worked their fields and they couldn't afford it or didn't want to).  I am also not saying that fighting terrorism is the proverbial "wolf" that isn't there.  I understand there are people who do horrendous acts, but what this administration has made everyone believe is that the "terrorists" are a group of people, with a clubhouse and newsletters, and recruiters.  Like it is this concrete organization we can seek out and kill.  Please understand an American, one of our own, set off the bomb in Oklahoma City.  Did we then turn around and send all white men to Guantanamo Bay?  Do we "racially profile" white men?  No, but we find it so easy to remove the liberties of those Americans (and yes, they are Americans as much as any of us are) that are not white.  White men are in power.  White men have always been in power.  White men are seen as individuals, and responsible for their own actions (with the exception of our current president).  Other races are seen as acting together.  Having a collective mind set and emotional base.  It's ridiculous in its insanity.

The next feeling I have is disgust.  Disgust for the current administration for all the reasons above.  I also feel disgust for any Democrat who states now "I wouldn't have voted for the war if I knew then what I know now".  I say to you KISS MY ASS.  I was barely out of college when this shit happened.  I sat on my floor in the dark watching the towers fall and fall and fall.  I grieved for those I never knew.  But I still had the sense to look quizzically at the television when the first hint of attacking Iraq came up.  I knew from the beginning it was crap.  Yes, Saddam was evil.  There are a lot of evil people out there.  We were told Saddam had something to do with 9/11.  He didn't.  Osama did.  But they couldn't find him.  So we took all of our resources away from finding the ACTUAL person who was behind the 9/11 attacks, and went after a man who "Daddy" should have taken care of years ago anyways, when we had a decent enuff reason (saving Kuwait -- which I know was still a front for "Get more Oil") and not some trumped up bullshit that they tried to make me swallow.  And I was disgusted at those around me who swallowed it.  My gut told me it was their "easy victory" to show that they were accomplishing something.  Yet we know that victory was already declared and we are so far from achieving it, and both Dems and Rethugs were in on it.  And I say to the Democrats who voted for it, SHAME YOU.  You didn't do it cuz you were told any more lies than the rest of us.  You did it because this country was in shock.  This country was angry.  SOMEONE HAD TO PAY.  We needed leaders to keep us from misdirecting that anger.  We needed leaders to guide us to the right path.  A path of higher ground.  A path of love and protection.  Yet you all led us down a path of darkness and pain.  Splitting the country so violently while leaving another country to implode on itself with our soldiers in the middle of it.  Part of me would like to fire you all and start over with new people.

Finally, I have a small amount of hope.  Hope that maybe with the next election, things will get better.  Maybe we will have a non partisan candidate in office that can help clean up this mess.  Maybe we can reach out to France and other countries who saw the folly we were getting into and we can apologize to them.  That maybe we should have listened that the "wolf wasn't in that house".  Maybe we can get the citizens of America to join together under pride and patriotism and not under fear and war.  Maybe.  But I do know this, history will show this administration as corrupt beyond all that is corrupt.  It has been selfish and bigoted and arrogant.  I am ashamed that our once great legacy as America has been tarnished so horrendously by the actions of our elected representatives.  I hope that one day, I don't have to say "I told you so" to those who either didn't or refused to believe what was going on.  That we don't have to live this lesson ever again.  If anything comes out of these horrible actions, I hope it is that we actually learn the lesson this is teaching us and we become better Americans, better Earthlings.  We are not the entire planet over here.  We are but one nation out of many.  We need to start thinking in those terms.  A Global Community.  Yeah, that does give me hope.

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